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Goma Sake Cup

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Sake cup with sesame seed patterning (goma) handcrafted and signed by artisan, Jumpei Kaneshige. The porous nature of Bizenware enhances the flavor of sake, as well as beer and whiskey. The high iron content of Bizen clay makes it excellent for keeping the contents of its vessels hot or cold.

The making of...

During the firing, red pine ash whirls through the kiln and eventually settles and melts onto the pieces. The result is a natural, sienna-hued ash glaze resembling sprinkles of sesame seeds goma (胡麻). The point at which the ash melts (1200℃) is known as tama-dare (ball drop). Goma can be most often found on pieces placed near the fire mouth. It is possibly to now artificially create goma patterns by adding pine ash prior to firing. There are other variations in color: yellow, brown, black, and blue-green. Each piece is hand-formed and fired with red pine logs from the Okayama region for 14 days.

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About Jumpei Kaneshige

Jumpei Kaneshige

Jumpei Kaneshige is a Bizen-based potter hailing from renowned lineage; he is the grandson of Toyo Kaneshige (Living National Treasure) and son of Kosuke Kaneshige, a celebrated ceramic artist in his own right. Jumpei creates Bizen-yaki with the techniques passed down from his ancestors and his father.

Jumpei Kaneshige: A Legacy Potter Unearthing the Flavor of Clay

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Jumpei Kaneshige