About Us

Imprint’s mission is to celebrate makers and their craft, archive techniques from the past, and empower future generations.

Our space elevates the stories of master artisans and shares the beauty of their craft and their techniques. We aim to connect makers with those who appreciate the handmade—to help makers broaden their audiences and sow seeds of inspiration for the next generation.

We believe that the stories of our culture—past, present and of tomorrow— are deeply imprinted in handmade objects, as they are created and passed down. Whether the delicate lip of a ceramic moon jar from South Korea, the subtle curve of a hammered copper teapot from Japan, or the texture of a hand-stitched leather bag from Argentina—each of these details have stories to tell. They are tied to the histories, emotions, and perspectives of their creators and their broader community. 

On Imprint, we invite you to listen and to explore, and to come with us as we meet the people behind these objects and to discover one-of-a-kind pieces straight from the artisan’s studio. We hope this space inspires you to slow down, to see the world through a maker’s eye, and to revel in the joy that comes from making and living with intention.

Sustainability Matters

Craftsmanship is core to our human heritage. Our hope is that we can play a part in energizing local craftsmanship by uplifting the stories of these craftsmen and creating pathways to discoverability and commerce.

    Special Thanks

    Abigail Schama
    Alexandra Fetissoff
    Angela & Angus Sutherland
    Charlotte Speechley
    David Woo
    Ed Battle
    Evelyn Rusli
    Gabrielle Guthrie
    Kana Mame
    Kevin Rose
    Kyle Noble
    Lauren Luen
    Liz Unna
    Miya Ando
    Sonya Yu & Zack Lara
    Steven Greenwood
    Steven Weidman
    Todd Shimizu
    Tracy Sailors