Kazuya Ishida - Oblong Vase - imprintspace.com
Kazuya Ishida - Oblong Vase - imprintspace.com
Kazuya Ishida - Oblong Vase - imprintspace.com

Oblong Vase

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Oblong vase with small opening, by Kazuya Ishida. Vase is beautiful as a display piece or adorned with a small flower. The subtle surface textures are subdued, the white slip blending gracefully into the red clay.

The making of...

Kazuya's pieces prominently feature the technique of brushing white slip (effectively liquid clay) to the exterior surface of a piece, then passing a large blow torch slowly and rhythmically over the piece. The blast of high heat sears the slip, drying it instantaneously. The crackling that results creates rich, organic textures on the surface.

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About Kazuya Ishida

Jumpei Kaneshige

Kazuya Ishida is a second-generation potter in Bizen, Japan. He trained with Jun Isezaki (National Living Treasure in Bizen); he later traveled to the U.S. and the U.K., where he helped build two kilns for the Oxford Anagama Kiln project. Kazuya's work is a harmonious blend of tradition and modern impulses. He blends the traditions of Bizen and the U.K., and of movement and the natural world.

Kazuya “Kaz” Ishida: A breakdancing potter in Bizen rhythmically blends tradition with modernity

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Kazuya Ishida