Tom Henscheid - Plum Serving Spoon Set -
Tom Henscheid - Plum Serving Spoon Set -

Plum Serving Spoon Set

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Striking serving spoon set hand-carved from plum wood. The distinctive contrasting coloring is completely natural to the plum wood. A set for both serving and sparking conversations at the dinner table.

The making of...

Tom Henscheid carves spoons out of greenwood sourced from trees of the Pacific Northwest. Many of his hand-embellished designs reflect the beauty that exists in nature—shells, leaves, and branches. For Tom, the creative process starts when he picks up his sloyd knife and starts carving with the grain. As inspiration strikes, he uses a variety of tools to bring the wood's natural beauty to the forefront. And as a result, each spoon is an interplay between art and functionality; distinct in form and finish.
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About Tom Henscheid

Tom Henscheid

A true renaissance man, Tom Henscheid is a carpenter, weldor, sculptor, contractor, furniture-maker, restoration specialist, cabinet-maker, inventor, and carver-of-spoons. While being all of these things, he boasts his biggest professional accomplishment as that of a teacher—he has inspired a new generation of future craftsmen and woodworkers throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a craftsman, spoons are one of his favorite and most joyful objects to create.

Tom Hensheid: The Artful Craftsman Solving the Impossible

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