Studio Visit with Asheville Potter Akira Satake
Musician-turned-potter, Akira Satake fully embraces the notion that beauty can be imperfect; his wood-fired pieces are a collaboration with fire, smoke, ash, clay and heat. In our visit with Akira at his home studio, kiln site and River Arts District gallery, he explains how he finds inspiration in the tension of the unexpected.
Imprint Presents: The Wrangle with Abigail Schama

Abigail Schama’s pieces do not ask for permission to be. They are not demure, pretty little things; they are not slick or smooth, or symmetrical in their curves. They are craggy and worn, gestural and uneven, crusted with a salty glaze, seemingly unearthed after centuries slumbering in the watery depths of a Cretan ruin.

Bizen, Japan: A Primal Union of Man, Earth, and Fire

The craft of Bizenware is more than clay—it is a primal union of man and nature. In this series, we explore how different families have passed down “the way of Bizen,” and how the craft has evolved through generations. 

Bifu Kimura: A 9th Generation Potter Mastering the Way of the Shokunin
Bifu Kimura is a dedicated Bizen potter fulfilling his zest for adventure though his steadfast pursuit of clay craft alongside his family.
Jumpei Kaneshige: A Legacy Potter Unearthing the Flavor of Clay
Jumpei Kaneshige is a legacy Bizen potter preserving traditions of the past and honoring the Bizen clay by creating forms for today. 
Kazuya “Kaz” Ishida: A Breakdancing Potter in Bizen Rhythmically Blends Tradition with Modernity
Kazuya Ishida is a breakdancing potter redefining Bizenware by blending Japanese and British techniques.