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Hidasuki Yunomi Set

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Set of two premium, Bizen-yaki yunomi (湯のみ) teacups by artist Jumpei Kaneshige. The tall, cylindrical tsutsu-gata shape (筒型) is ideal for everyday, informal tea drinking. The cups are marked with calligraphic hidasuki streaks. Teapot in photo for scale and sold separately. 

The making of...

The organic markings on the piece are created with the hidasuki (緋襷) technique, which emphasizes the natural colors and textures of the clay. A common Bizen technique, the pottery is wrapped in bunches of rice straw prior to firing, then placed in a saggar, which protects the piece from direct contact with the flames and ashes. When the straw burns away, it reveals calligraphic reddish streaks on the surface.

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About Jumpei Kaneshige

Jumpei Kaneshige

Jumpei Kaneshige is a Bizen-based potter hailing from renowned lineage; he is the grandson of Toyo Kaneshige (Living National Treasure) and son of Kosuke Kaneshige, a celebrated ceramic artist in his own right. Jumpei creates Bizen-yaki with the techniques passed down from his ancestors and his father.

Jumpei Kaneshige: A Legacy Potter Unearthing the Flavor of Clay

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Jumpei Kaneshige