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Ochoko Sake Cup

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Ochoko sake cup with a single botamochi mark, handcrafted and signed by artisan, Jumpei Kaneshige. The clay from Bizen is known to enhance the flavor of sake. The vessel is excellent in keeping its contents hot or cold.

The making of...

Areas of the pieces are covered by pieces of high-refractory fire clay. The covered areas are shielded from ash, resulting in round patterns. These circular effects are named botamochi (牡丹餅) for their resemblance to the sticky rice balls.

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About Jumpei Kaneshige

Jumpei Kaneshige

Jumpei Kaneshige is a Bizen-based potter hailing from renowned lineage; he is the grandson of Toyo Kaneshige (Living National Treasure) and son of Kosuke Kaneshige, a celebrated ceramic artist in his own right. Jumpei creates Bizen-yaki with the techniques passed down from his ancestors and his father.

Jumpei Kaneshige: A Legacy Potter Unearthing the Flavor of Clay

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Jumpei Kaneshige