Bifu Kimura - Premium Bizen Tea Set -
Bifu Kimura - Premium Bizen Tea Set -
Bifu Kimura - Premium Bizen Tea Set -
Bifu Kimura - Premium Bizen Tea Set -

Premium Bizen Tea Set

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Premium Bizen-yaki tea set handcrafted using the goma technique and signed by artisan Bifu Kimura. The set includes one side-handle teapot yokode kyūsu (横手急須) with two tea cups. The teapot is perfect for brewing small quantities of sencha or hojicha for everyday drinking.

The making of...

During the firing, red pine ash whirls through the kiln and eventually settles and melts onto the pieces. The result is a natural, sienna-hued ash glaze resembling sprinkles of sesame seeds, or goma (胡麻). The point at which the ash melts (1200℃) is known as tama-dare (ball drop). Goma can be most often found on pieces placed near the fire mouth. It is possible now to artificially create goma patterns by adding pine ash prior to firing. There are other variations in color: yellow, brown, black, and blue-green.

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About Bifu Kimura


Bifu Kimura is a 9th generation Bizen potter in Inbe, Japan. His work balances dynamic, clean shapes with the rough textures of the Bizen firing process. Today he leads Studio Kibido with his daughter Mizuho Kimura and her husband, Yosuke.

Bifu Kimura: A 9th Generation Potter Mastering the Way of the Shokunin

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